Selina Fenech
Selina Fenech has been drawn to the world of fantasy and fairy tales since she was born in Australia in 1981. An avid reader as a child, her favourite stories were those of myth and magic, princesses and fairies. She soon learned she had a greater love than reading when she began spend countless hours staring at the illustrations in these books, ignoring the stories in words for preference of the stories told by the artworks. She would study each brush stroke, marvelling that any human hand could create such beauty. Having always enjoyed drawing, Selina began to draw her own ideas of fantasy inspired by the illustrations in her fairytale books, with goddesses, fairies and enchanted creatures, trying to capture the same magic they made her feel. Many years later, Selina's artwork has been warmly received by lovers of fantasy all over the world. Selina still resides in Australia, being self employed in painting her ideas of fantasy and selling merchandise lines of her magical artwork. She continues to strive to capture pure magic on paper.

Selina Fenech's Portfolio

Impossible Love

Riddle Fisher


Secret Doorway

Stolen in her Sleep

Dark Waters, Bright Skies

Fairy Tales

Dragon Skies

Dance of the Graces

A Pirate's Life for Me

Snails Pace

Dragons Pet


Frog Rider

Winged Things

Lilac Magic

Catch Me

Blossoming Love

Along the Forest Path

Arianrhod's Sky

Blodeuwedd in Bloom

Earth, Life, Magic


I Knew Him Well

Lady of Avalon

Light the Darkness

Silver Sisters

Sleepy Spring

Follow Me

Warm my Heart

Taking Snail for a Stroll

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Fairy tales

I've never seen your work until now but it is breathtakingly beautiful. FionaS
Posted 2007-09-12 12:22:40 by FionaS

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