Octavia Cheetham
Growing up and living so close to nature, Octavia has nurtured a life-long fascination with nature spirits and the faery realm. Octavia's painting, "Moon Goddess", was commissioned by a close friend who had no idea that she was to be the subject of the painting at the time, but both artist and subject were overwhelmed by the huge flow of positive emotion and healing that came from it when it was done. Almost immediately, Octavia knew that she wanted to provide healing and love through her artwork. The complex symbology and deep meanings behind the many elements that she has incorporated into much of her art since Moon Goddess is testament to the tremendous care she takes when selecting the particular crystals and other textures that contribute textures and additional meaning to each piece.

Octavia Cheetham's Portfolio

Sirens Kiss a Mermaids Love

Herne the Hunter

Yule Snow Faerie Queen

Goddess of the Sea

Autumn Dance of Color

Ocean Heart

Spirit of the Forest

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Gorgeous Work!

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Thank you for adding me fantastic Portfolios I'm super happy to join your team :))) lots of love Tave xxxx's
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