Kiriko Moth
I have been drawing and painting since a very young age, ever since I learned that art was a way to make tangible the things we could never have in real life. I've always known I was going to be an artist; it's so much a part of me that even if it wasn't a career path, I'd still be drawing all the time. I was born in Sacramento but grew up in Santa Fe and Nashville. I graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a BFA in graphic design and illustration, and decided to return to Northern California. I now live in San Francisco, which is just an incredible city. Sometimes I can hardly believe that I'm lucky enough to live here. I'm working at immersing myself more in the art community here in SF - I really hope to get to be a part of the amazing local scene. It's a daunting prospect! I have dabbled in just about every method and medium that I can get my hands on, but I currently work almost exclusively in ink with digital color. I love to mix the traditional with the new - my work begins in pencil and ink on bristol paper, which I then scan and color in Photoshop. I draw inspiration from many artists, but some of my favorites include Alphonse Mucha, Michael Whelan, John Jude Palencar, Thomas Canty, and Michael Parkes.

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The Engine


Clockwork Wings

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I love each of your pieces and you're fast becoming one of my favorite artists! Very very well done!
Posted 2009-09-25 06:55:51 by avarra

This artist currently has no pieces on the wall awaiting critiques.