Misty Benson
My name is Misty Benson (a.k.a. gossamerfaery). I live, breathe, and bring my Morbidly Adorable Creations into being from Gossamerfaery's Attic in curiouser and curiouser Idaho. From the Attic, the creations and I can smell the sugary scent of coffin cake on the winds. The rustle of leaves sound like hollow bones rattling on pavement. Rain is actually skeletons tap dancing on the roof. Here we vehemently hold onto the ghosts in our dreams. Faeries may be spotted in the dying light. We are not afraid to muddy our white dresses in order to witness the mysterious lives of bugs. Halloween is our favorite time of year, so we spend Christmas decorating our tree with skulls. Life leaves us feeling a little haunted but always enchanted. This is a place where beauty borders on strange and the strange is beautiful. From Gossamerfaery's Attic, I paint and sculpt dreamy big-eyed faeries and delightful Day of the Dead skeletons. My dark and delicious little minions have made their way into homes around the world. They have been featured in paintings, prints, one of a kind sculptures, magnets, stickers, and cards causing sweet mischief wherever they go. Both the faeries and skellies have also found themselves published in my solo book "The Morbidly Adorable Skelly: The Art of Misty Benson" as well as collaborative endeavors such as "500 Fairy Motifs", "Enchanted Artists: Visions of Atlantis", and "ArtWanted: Creative Minds". I, Misty*, gossamerfaery, your skull-loving, slightly unhinged, sweetly spooky artist love all of my Morbidly Adorable children. Take my hand. Come in and play. Just make sure you leave all rational thoughts at the door.

Misty Benson's Portfolio

Calico Cuties

Springtime Skelly

La Muerte Llameante

The Fool - Morbidly Adorable Tarot

The World - Morbidly Adorable Tarot

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