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I'm commenting on your portfolio, too! So ha! I see a lot of stippling. Gawd, you are so much more patient than I am. :P
Posted 2007-01-08 10:32:10 by Vayenne

hello hello and tests

beta test beta test... :p Hi Ellen! I love your projects!
Posted 2007-03-02 01:43:38 by Lluhnij

Excerpts from Ellen Million's LiveJournal blog:

Ellen Rambles

I'm slowly getting control of my dumpster fire week, you guys. Sorry for slow responses. Low on sp...


I finished my book on Sunday, after putting nose to grindstone and adding nearly 4000 words. There's...

Saturdaily. Book rank. Plans.

Just over 1000 words written yesterday, and a sketch for a client. Also transferred hosting for anot...

Thursflop with snow

Today was OMG snow. I came home from Kindergarten dropoff and helped a client with email woes, the...


I went to the gym today and did half of my much neglected physical therapy routine. Next week, I hop...

Weekend Recap

I did taxes! (waves a little flag) We also did home improvements, finally installing a handtowel ra...
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