Aaron Pocock
Aaron was born on May 11th 1970 in reading, England and has been illustrating one thing or another since 1992. These last few years have seen him return to fantasy art, the very thing that jump started him onto the path as a child. Now living in Brisbane, Australia, he's had a chance to settle down and relax (a little.). Always on the go, Aaron has picked up a few skills in different mediums including: watercolour, digital, oils, acrylics, gouache, graphite and pen and ink, more samples can be viewed over athis website: http://www.pocockart.com

Aaron Pocock's Portfolio


Storyteller In The Rain


Crow Girl

Night Flight


Pigeon Rider

Unicorn Lassie....

The Ancient Ones

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Your work is so wonderful and enchanting - I just love it.
Posted 2010-12-02 15:37:13 by emillion

This artist currently has no pieces on the wall awaiting critiques.