Michelle Tracey
Michelle’s work celebrates the mystery and magic that is present in and around us guiding us, protecting us, healing us and inspiring us always. Fascinated by the myth and magic of the supernatural world, it is Michelle’s desire to share this intriguing world with others through her art. Michelle began her career in the corporate world of Graphic Design, working amongst the beautiful Central Coast and Sydney region Australia. As life’s lessons steered Michelle into a different direction her deepest desire begun to unfold, an exciting world of painting and spirituality opened up. Michelle has now chosen this new and fulfilling path. By combining a love of painting and passion for spirituality, Michelle is now doing what she loves to do most and that is create unique and inspirational fantasy/spirit art. Part of what guided Michelle to this style of art is her experience overseas, particularly travelling through Arizona, USA, and a resident of the Canadian Banff Rocky Mountains for 12 months. Whilst having the privilege to work at the original Banff Indian Trading Post, it is here Michelle immersed herself in the customs and traditions of the First Nations People. Also, the enriching experience gained from residing in a Buddhist Centre in Brighton, England, for 3 months. Taking part in a Buddhist lifestyle and community only fuelled a calling to create meaningful and inspirational artwork. This has all been part of a wonderful journey guiding Michelle towards her life’s purpose. Michelle is excited to see where her art will take her next
This member does not have a passed portfolio yet. But they may have some artwork that could use some critiques!

Michelle Tracey's Wall Images


Dragon Dreams


Fairies Cry Too