Erin Metcalf
The world of fantasy has captured my imagination since I was old enough to pick up a crayon. There is something inherently wonderful about impossible creatures springing to life in one's imagination -- it is like standing alongside God during the creation of the world and saying, "Let's make this! Oh, and let's give it wings!" As I approached adulthood, I learned that society believes such things to be impractical, that I should spend my energy on more pragmatic pursuits. But so much is lost when we let go of childhood, of myths, of fairy tales, of the impossible and the improbable. Through my fantasy art I fight against the squelching of creative imagination, and rebel against society's doctrine that everything important must be pragmatic. I strive for whimsical realism in each piece I create, toeing the line between imagination and reality, stretching the boundaries of pragmatism and possibility. My works invite the viewer to rediscover lost pieces of their childhood flights of fantasy.

Erin Metcalf's Portfolio

The Wizard's Foundling

Mightier Than the Sword

Fairy Dragon : Bloodbellied Glimmerwing

Cloudgazer and Stormdancer

Dragon Snail : Kimochi

Dragon Snail : Near Miss

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Glad to have you here, Erin - I love the character and expressions you manage in your sculpture.
Posted 2008-01-18 15:38:23 by emillion

This artist currently has no pieces on the wall awaiting critiques.