Michele-lee Phelan
Michele-lee Phelan has been weaving magick through her fantasy and faery illustration since 2003. Inspired by music, myth, legend, the seasons, and the energies that abound and surround her, Michele-lee's'fairy tale' style is bold and vibrant and reflects her passion and love of color. Her work is displayed on bookcovers and in galleries in both America and Australia, and is soaring in popularity on an international level as her faeries, dragons and ethereal goddesses rekindle the power, mystery and magick of other realms. Michele-lee works with a wide range of media; her portfolio is full of stunning digital, watercolor, acrylic, graphite, and pen and ink artworks. These works can be found through selected websites, galleries, and pagan/new age stores.

Michele-lee Phelan's Portfolio

Priestess of the Forest Temple

Of Earth and Air, Of Fire and Water

The Moth Queen

Lady of the Water

The Sleep of Briar Rose

Night, She Cometh

Dragons of the Wood

Lady of the Fire

Dia Griene

Never Alone

The Cailleach Bhuer

Night's Companions

Dream Catcher

Protector of the Magick III

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Love it

A most beautiful portfolio, very personal too. Like no other.
Posted 2007-07-09 15:21:58 by carles


I love your work. And through your blog I discovered both Deviant Art and this fab site!
Posted 2007-09-14 12:27:45 by FionaS

Excerpts from Michele-lee Phelan's LiveJournal blog:

Art of the Empath & Art of Faery

This artist currently has no pieces on the wall awaiting critiques.