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Username: triciashanabruch
Real name: Tricia Shanabruch
Site Access: Member - has a website account.
Bio: I am a freelance illustrator that grew up with a vivid imagination and a love of drawing, especially unicorns with expanding to fairies and various other fantasy creatures, winged things, and flowers of all types. Enjoying art led to an interest in Graphic Design. After spending over eleven years enjoying work as a Graphic Designer I moved to Ohio to be with my husband and decided to switch careers while still honing my design and illustration skills in my spare time. I enjoy drawing, design, and crafts more than ever as I continue to pursue my dream of inspiring others with my imagination.

Most recent favorites:

My Name Is Vengeance by Maria J. William
I Knew Him Well by Selina Fenech
Light the Darkness by Selina Fenech