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FP is expanding!

posted by marrael 2013-02-09 01:33:37

Quite literally as it changes its look: The page design will be wider (by less than 100 pixels, but enough to make a difference, I think!) and colours will be tweaked. Some pages may have a transition period to fit into the new width, but that's minor. What's not-so-minor is that in a very short while, you'll see a new section on the website and front page--images submitted by artists that are waiting for our moderator's critiques! Fancy yourself a good judge of art? Well, try your hand. Only site members get to enjoy this feature of getting and giving critiques--whether your portfolio has passed our judges or not. If you're confused, Janet just asks that you hold tight while the FAQs and Help pages catch up...

Mail on Fantastic Portfolios

posted by marrael 2012-08-30 08:59:22

...is not working at the moment, due to some recent security changes in the site's hosting. Among the notifications that are not working:

Lost password retrieval.
Image pass/fail status.
Comment notifications. 

I'm working on this and will post a news update when it's up to scratch again!

Working now.

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posted by marrael 2013-06-26 01:41:22

Advice on Publishing, Part 4: Cover Art
More for authors going into self-publishing, I do think this is a good run-through of the considerations and skills that go into designing a good book cover. Artists aiming to be cover artists can benefit, and at the least, you can stick a link to this up on your website so your author friends start considering your work. I personally feel painted art makes a real impact and is a bit more sophisticated than stock photography, but I am, of course, biased.

Sad that this has to be found on a joke site, but it does give good drawing advice.

How to Draw Boobies (Warning: has boobies.)

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