Rejected Images

posted by emillion 2007-07-17

Why was my image rejected?
Images are never rejected without reason, and the reason for rejection should be displayed on your "Manage Portfolio" page.

Sometimes an image will be rejected for a technical reason, which might be one of these:

  • Your image was a format other than .jpg.
  • Your image was in CYMK.
  • Your image was not in the science fiction or fantasy genre.
  • Your image contained too much violence, sexual content or other inappropriate material.

The other reason an image may be rejected is that it doesn't meet our quality standards.  Your piece will show the score the critics collectively gave it, and if that score is not 70% or above, it does not meet our 'gold standard.'

You may also receive a critique of the piece or of your portfolio in general, which may explain the scores given, and suggestions for areas that need improvement. If you requested a score only, with no critique, you will not receive these explanations. (Full critiques are only available after an artist has passed portfolio!)

If you wish to get further advice on any particular piece, it is recommended that you join our moderated forums and ask for public input.