Technical Uploading Details

posted by emillion 2008-09-14

A quick run-down of the rules for image files:

  • RGB-encoded JPGs only. (Make sure they can display online!)
  • Images can only be up to 700 pixels on the longest side
  • They do need to be over 200 pixels on the shortest side, so no tiny pics, please!
Why JPEGs only?
We know GIFs and PNGs are great too, but they do take up more space, and it will add up! JPEGs also need to be RGB color-encoded, not CYMK. CYMK cannot be viewed by our judges and will be immediately rejected, wasting your upload!

Why is it telling me I can't upload more?
When you try to upload, it may tell you that you've reached your limit. Either your gallery is full, or you have hit your limit for uploading in that month. If you've hit your gallery limit, please be sure to delete any images you'd like to remove, including rejected images, as these count towards your total.

Remember that paid accounts have higher per-month AND gallery limits!

If you think that you have hit either limit due to an error, please post your problem at the forum or contact marrael!

An error occured during my upload!
Send an email to marrael.