posted by marrael 2006-11-27

How do I leave a comment on an image I like?
Only members can make comments on images, so make sure you're registered and logged into your account!

I'm logged in but I can't see where to leave a comment.
Well, artists have the option to disable comments on their images if they choose. When comments are disabled on an image, even members will not see the option to leave comments on an image. If you like the image, add it to your Favorites, and maybe email the artist directly!

I left a comment on this image before but I don't see it appearing now. Where did it go?
When your comment is submitted, you'll see a message when it was saved successfully. You may run into the situation where you do not see your comment on the image later. It may be because:
(1) the artist has disabled comments, or
(2) the artist has chosen to hide your comment (so keep it clean and friendly, please), or
(3) the comments on this image are for members only and you're not logged in, or
(4) you deleted your comment and forgot you did, or lastly,
(5) a complaint was filed about your comment and it was removed from the site.
You can generally track down the status of your comments in your account by checking on "Comments Made", unless the comment has been deleted from the site altogether. Our site moderators will not generally do this without informing you, however.

How do I disable or enable comments on my images?
Only images currently being displayed in a public portfolio may receive comments. You can change the comment settings on an image from "Manage Portfolio" and clicking on "Edit image information" for the relevent image on that page. When editing the information for one particular image, you'll see the option of whether you'd like to keep comments enabled, or to disable it. Disabling comments will hide all comments from view, and comments form will not appear for anyone either.

How do I hide or delete the comments I've received?
Members cannot delete the comments of other members; we'd really like everyone to have a voice on this site! If there are comments you'd prefer not to be displayed with your image but you do not wish to disable comments, you can choose to hide specific comments from everyone's view on your "Comments received" page. When comments are hidden in this way, the only people privy to the comment are the commenter, the artist of the image, and the site moderators - should they be invited to become involved. We only recommend reporting a comment if it is definitely abusive and someone is repeatedly leaving such comments. Deletion of comments is possible in these cases.