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posted by marrael 2012-02-18 17:07:57

Just a collection of links today while I recover from some (more) traveling undertaken this past month. These online sites will be especially useful if you've had little or no formal art education--you'll get a taste (or reminder) of the exercises that students of drawing do. First one is the most nifty:

Figure & Gesture Drawing Tool
(Yeah, it's the online equivalent of the drawing exercises done with a live model.) Before you think it's just hours of bliss copying a nude girl's likeness on your canvas, know that that isn't the only point of figure and gesture drawing. The great thing is, the page itself explains gesture drawing exercises, and you get a choice of BOTH female and male models.

Still here? 
Wings on Humans Art Tutorial 
 (found via Elizabeth Barrette's blog entry, Wing Tutorial Art)
I wish I could credit the maker of this tutorial, but am having trouble finding the original source. If you know, let me know!

Fantasy Art Study on Ning
This group combines drawing studies and exercises on both drawing and rendering techniques (mostly traditional media) and subjects of fantasy art. So if you think you need the basic lessons, but still want them focused on fantasy art, this is a great site! Regular "study group" exercises (using Andrew Loomis' Figure Drawing for All It's Worth and Peter Stanyer's The Complete Book of Drawing Techniques) are posted on the site, and the comments section is where members can respond by posting results from their own practice. It's a place which encourages participation because of this semi-formal format where you read the tutorial, then show your own work.

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