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posted by marrael 2012-01-30 23:57:38

During my casual surfing on the web, links get bookmarked into my "to blog" list sometimes, and I delete them from the list as they get blogged, tackled or decided against. (It's a handy way to tackle surfing and a to-do list in one.) Now, that "to-blog" or "to-do" bookmark list isn't really today's blog subject (but if you found that tip useful, you're welcome), it's that there was a certain link that sat on the list a long time because, well, I thought linking to it would look like I was advocating smoking, and rudely. (I'm not.) Here it is: 7 Lessons Smokers Can Teach Us About Getting Sh*t Done.

The seven tips really apply for those who are mums, or working day jobs, or juggling those two things on top of playing caregiver for older relatives, or night classes, whatever situation you may be in that keeps art from becoming a full-time vocation. And while I've always appreciated artists and creative people who post photos of their work spaces online, I also have resented those lucky gits who don't have to share their work spaces, or have to clear it all up when it's mealtime (I paint at the dining table) or have to stash paintings under the wardrobes to dry where they will (hopefully) not be found or disturbed by the toddler. Sometimes after all the precautions I take, accidents still happen (like soup being tossed and landing onto a painting three feet away), but if one is determined, one can make art (or smoke) anytime and anywhere. Painting on-site for location paintings and speed-portraits has pretty much cemented this lesson for me.

If you've got a sketch or an idea to work on, but find yourself surfing or watching TV instead, put a pencil and a sketchbook in front of yourself anyway and see which activity wins. That's all this week!

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