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It's 2012!

posted by marrael 2012-01-16 00:30:00

I have been a bad, bad blogger; I went on holiday and let myself succumb to the post-holiday slump. Anyway, now that's over, welcome back, and into a new year: 2012! I'm not even THAT late, because if you follow the Chinese calandar, the new year (the Year of the Dragon, if you were curious) doesn't actually start until January 23rd! (Ha!)
If you were worried your errant blogger wasn't returning, or had run out of topics to cover, have no fear of that. First up: Spectrum, that yearly anthology of gorgeous contemporary fantasy art, is accepting submissions for their next compilation until January 27th. I'm going to admit: I think I have nothing up to snuff (yet. There's always next year!) but if you're feeling good about your chances, get your butt moving on your entry! 
Next: An epic post on the silliness of girls' poses on fantasy book covers was posted recently by the fabulous fantasy writer, Jim C. Hines. (I'm linking to his LJ entry but it's mirrored on his site too.) After you're done laughing and wiping the tears from your eyes, catch his follow-up post, in which he provides links (some of which I've also provided on this blog). This one, however, I must highlight: Men's Versus Women's Poses 

Last one for now: Small Business Resolutions Worth Keeping. There are a few tips on the page, and my favourite is the one about prioritizing and limiting distractions. Having a timer on one's FaceBook/Twitter/surfing time sounds excellent. As is having daily/weekly/monthly goals. (I have a monthly goal to finish at least one "big" painting per month. And this year, a modest but doable goal, I think, to post at least once per week at Fantastic Portfolios.)
See you next week!

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