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posted by marrael 2011-12-03 19:53:55

It's December! Wait, what? December? We're almost into a new year, and I'm honestly having trouble keeping up with how fast time is moving! 

In site news, blogs have been disabled on artists' portfolio pages as certain RSS feeds have changed and were causing hang-ups when loading those pages. I'm still looking into it. (And giving LiveJournal the evil eye!)

I do have a couple more substantial blog subjects lined up, but getting the time to sit down and write has been hard to come by, so this is a bit of miscellaneous post.

If you just missed December's Sketch Fest (which happened December 2nd and 3rd), the ongoing themes you can find and participate in elsewhere are "Brigade" for this week's Illustration Friday, "Dragonflies" and "Steampunk" for the first two issues of next year's EMG-Zine, and "Circe" for Enchanted Visions Art.

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